Certifications for Ozone/UV Therapies

We will train on the intricacies of Ozone/UV therapies, ensuring you and your staff gain practical insights and hands-on experience. Certification is crucial as it validates your proficiency, enhances your professional credibility, and assures patients of your competence in administering these therapies. Purchase and schedule below.

recertification & new staff member certification

New Staff Member

Ozone/UV Certification Training


Per Staff Member

Have you added new staff members since your team was certified on Ozone/UB?  This certification training is for clinics that have previously been certified by MedMasters on Ozone/UV therapies but have added NEW staff members that need to be certified to administer Ozone/UV therapies. This certification training includes self-led didactic resources along with a live, virtual hands-on session.

Already Certified Staff Member

Ozone/UV Recertification Training


Per Staff Member

Has it been a year since your staff’s Ozone/UV certification? Get recertified here!¬† Ensure all team members are on the same page with the latest techniques and safety protocols promoting a high standard of patient care and safety. This re-certification training includes up-to-date procedures and protocol resources along with a live, virtual hands-on session.

Onsite Trainings

One-Day Onsite Training

CERTIFICATION For Standard or Hi-Dose Ozone/IV


This training is designed for convenience without compromising depth. Our expert instructors bring tailored, hands-on sessions directly to your facility. From advanced procedures to the latest industry updates, empower your staff with a focused day of learning and maximize the impact on patient care and operational efficiency in just one day. Invest in the growth and excellence of your team with our immersive onsite training.

Two-Day Onsite Training



Our expert instructors bring extended, in-depth training directly to your facility. Over two days, we will dive into the setup, advanced procedures, protocols, and collaborative problem-solving for either Hi-Dose Ozone/UV or EBOO. This intensive training enhances not only the individual skills of your staff but also how to administer the therapies efficiently and effectively to create the best outcomes for your patients and generate incredible revenue.