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Last Masterclass

March 9, 2024

The ATO Masterclass is designed to provide you with cutting-edge techniques, technologies, protocols, and practices in the world of ozone therapy. Our masterclass provides a dynamic learning experience that will push your practice to new heights. Join us as we delve into the forefront of ozone therapy and unlock the keys to delivering exceptional patient care.

Did you miss this last Masterclass?

Not to worry. You can get all of the recordings of the presentations and take-home materials through our mini vault.

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What this post-masterclass package includes:

All the recordings of the presenters

Includes subjects: insufflation (all types), regenerative aesthetics, ozone water, ozonated oils, ozone basics, ozone UV IV, EBOO, and more. All recordings have been separated by topic so you can view what you want.

Ozone protocol sheets and guides

includes protocol sheets for rectal, sinus, ear, vaginal, bladder insufflation and ozone guides for ozone water, limb-bagging, ozone cupping, inhaling ozonides, and ozonated oils.

Presentation Slides

includes PDF of the presentations of Tobias Seagal from PurO3, Dr. Sara Maria Alfaro, Jason DeLeon, and Kim Look.

March 9th Masterclass Presenters

Jason DeLeon

Lead Trainer, MedMasters

Lexi Yoo, FNP-BC

Ydh Training Academy

Dr. Sara Maria Alfaro

Physiatrist, Physical Medicine

Tobias Seagal


Kim Look

Ozone Guru, MedMasters

Topics From Masterclass

Everything About Ozone

Jason DeLeon

Jason targets cellular health and function with a broad-spectrum root-cause modality of ozone. We also learned how to implement these systemic applications and harness the benefits of ozone outside intravenous administration with localized and non-invasive applications.

Regenerative Aesthetics

Lexi Yoo, FNP-BC

Lexi explores the science behind ozone’s regenerative properties and its potential to revitalize skin health and appearance. From advanced techniques in ozone injections to holistic skincare protocols, we gained practical skills and knowledge to offer cutting-edge treatments in your practice.

Ozone Injections

Sara Maria Alfaro, MD

Dr. Alfaro takes us through the therapeutic potential of ozone joint injections and delve into the science and application for joint health. She explores the mechanism of action behind ozone’s regenerative properties and its role in alleviating pain and inflammation associated with joint conditions.

Ozonated Oils

Tobias Seagal

Tobi dives into the science behind ozonation and learn how to harness the healing properties of these oils for skin care, wound healing, and more.

All About the Therapies

Kim Look

Kim runs us through an overview of all intravenous ozone therapies including MAH, UBI, 10-pass, Auto-HD and EBOO.