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Each of these vaults contain therapy-specific resources, articles, webinars, videos, and other training and education materials for you, your staff, and your patients. The vaults have been designed to elevate your learning experience and unlock knowledge right at your fingertips.



EBOO is taking integrative and optimization medicine by storm. Jason is the foremost EBOO trainer in existence with over 75 clinics trained — becoming a master on technique and equipment implementation.


Ozone/UV IV

This vault contains materials to train you on using UV/IV, including Standard and Hi-Dose. learn the latest techniques and technologies to effectively administer Ozone/UV


Non-IV Ozone

Learn the latest techniques and technologies to effectively administer ozone, including practical protocols to treat different health conditions and sports performance, discuss the essential equipment for ozone therapy, and provide insights on accurately calculating concentrations and doses.


Regenerative Aesthetics

This vault contains information with insights focused on aesthetics using ozone and other modalities. Whether you are new to incorporating aesthetics into your clinic or have already been doing therapies, our vault provides a comprehensive guide to elevate your expertise.


All Things Peptides

Get the resources needed to incorporate ozone joint therapy into your practice effectively. Whether you are just starting to use this therapy, our vault will provide you and your staff with materials, including how-to videos, patient handouts, protocols, patient forms, and much more.


Grow Your IV Biz

Unlock the strategies and insights you need to exponentially grow your IV business, from optimizing patient relationships and education to effectively implementing ozone and nutritional IVs. Grow your IV room ten-fold.