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This training has been designed to grow the IV part of your practice, from strategic marketing and patient engagement to effective financial management and therapy packages. Let us help you increase your revenues while obtaining better patient outcomes.

Basic Class: January 12, 2024

Unlock the strategies and insights you need to exponentially grow your IV business, from optimizing patient relationships and education to effectively implementing ozone and nutritional IVs. Grow your IV room ten-fold.

Advanced Class: January 13, 2024

IV Rooms are evolving. They are no longer simply nutrition and ozone. Now we’re taking on IV PRP, peptides, and Human Cellular Tissue Products (HCTP) in IV form. Stay up to date with innovation in IV Room Therapy with this class.

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Peripheral IV Masterclass

(Live Training in Denver, Co)

February 3, 2024

Everybody wants to be THE person to call on when expert skill is needed. And it is even more so in the world of peripheral IV insertions. You want to be the one they call because you are just that good. Your reputation will precede you, your competence and confidence will be well earned, and ultimately, you provide the skill that allows people access to various beneficial treatments. No need to look further than you! In this training, you’ll learn:

  • Tips and tricks of peripheral IV insertions
  • Anatomy, characteristics, and location of veins of the upper extremities
  • Infusate characteristics and considerations
  • Complications and common interventions
  • How you can chart and properly document
  • To observe and then practice the skill of safe and effective insertion of peripheral IV catheters, first on equipment and then on classmates
  • Management of peripheral IV sites and discontinuation of peripheral IV sites.