Steve Matta, DO

Meeting Point Health

Dr. Steve Matta, DO, MBA, CAQSM, is a master physician, licensed and dually board-certified in Primary Care and Non-Surgical Orthopedics. At Meeting Point Health, serving area residents in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he specializes in anti-aging, orthopedic pain conditions, and functional medicine. Using cutting-edge holistic therapies, Dr. Matta also incorporates ultrasound-guided regenerative injections, osteopathic manipulation, medical acupuncture, neurofunctional movement, IV nutrient therapy, and ozone therapy.

Dr. Matta is one of those doctors that enjoys a good puzzle, breaking things down diagnostically with such detail that it takes a minimum of an hour on your first visit. He looks at medicine as both a science and an art. Everybody is different and he treats each patient like a puzzle.

Because his approach to medicine is both integrative and holistic, it means he does not give any steroid or cortisone injections and does not prescribe narcotic pain medications. Instead, he relies on the information from your in-depth physical examination and story to figure out what the pathology is, whether it be musculoskeletal, neural, hormonal, or pathogenic.

Dr. Matta loves to educate his patients. In addition to a thorough orthopedic assessment, he will spend time with you discussing lab work, nutrition, sleep, supplementation, corrective exercise, meditation, and more to make sure that there is nothing impeding progress. He is also a Fellow of the SSRP (Seeds Scientific Research and Performance Institute).