Lexi Yoo, FNP-BC

YDH Training Academy

Lexi is a double-board-certified nurse practitioner in the areas of family and pediatric medicine. She has been a nurse practitioner since 2011. She has a bachelor & degree in nursing from Purdue University and a master’s from IUPUI as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. Lexi decided to expand her knowledge and obtained her post-master’s degree in family practice. She has a particular interest in anti-aging medicine, integrative health, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, and a focus on peptide therapy. She is certified through BioTE Medical, specializing in Bio-Identical hormone replacement therapy for both men and women, where she is a mentor as well as a proctor. Lexi has completed all her functional medicine coursework through The Institute for Functional Medicine to better treat her patients while fixing the root causes of their conditions.

She also has a passion for aesthetic services and has completed an Aesthetic Fellowship through the American Academy of Antiaging. She is a national speaker as well as a trainer in her areas of specialty. Lexi is also a GAIN trainer for Galderma Aesthetics.

Lexi’s passion also includes research and education. In 2022, she developed the Integrative Residency Program, where she created a virtual learning opportunity for other providers to learn about Thyroid Health, Hormone Optimization in Men and Women, Gut Health management, Peptide Therapy, as well as Aesthetic Medicine. She will take this program live in 2023 turning it into the Yoo Direct Training Academy, a virtual-based platform for the like-minded provider.

Lexi has been featured on podcasts such as “The Longevity Blueprint” and “Aesthetic Record”. Be sure to check her podcast, “A Better Yoo Project” where she enjoys sharing her passion for integrative medicine and pairing it with aesthetics.