Leonard Pastrana, PharmD


Dr. Leonard Pastrana, a renowned pharmacist and co-founder of nuBioAge, stands out as a trailblazer in the field of cellular medicine and longevity optimization. With his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Palm Beach Atlantic University, Dr. Pastrana has earned prestigious certifications in Peptide Therapy from A4M and is a respected fellow and faculty member at Seeds Scientific Research and Performance (SSRP). He is notably one of only six certified clinical peptide therapy instructors worldwide, highlighting his unique position as the sole pharmacist with this rare accreditation.

Dr. Pastrana’s influence extends beyond his work with nuBioAge; he is a key figure in the integrative medicine community, pioneering peptide-enhancing supplements and leading the way in metabolic breath analysis. This innovative approach allows him to develop personalized treatment plans that utilize exercise data as a critical biomarker. His work in consulting with practices nationwide, coupled with his role in educating a wider audience through telemedicine, showcases his commitment to integrating cellular medicine into mainstream healthcare.

An international speaker and creator of the comprehensive cellular medicine database, nuCleus™, Dr. Pastrana is dedicated to improving healthspan through his educational efforts and cutting-edge therapies. His vision is to empower practitioners with the knowledge and tools to utilize cellular medicine, transforming patient care and reshaping the future of healthcare. Through ongoing education, mentorship, and his influential speaking engagements, Dr. Pastrana continues to lead the charge in advancing the field of cellular optimization and medicine.