Kim Look


Kim Look has been intimately involved with functional medicine for over twelve years, specializing in IV therapy. She has worked in all manner of integrative practices dealing with chronic disease, infection, and autoimmune as well as optimization and performance practices. She spent five years as a patient liaison for medical tourism in Honduras and Mexico. She has owned three practices and worked with hundreds of doctors nationwide to build their IV space and grow their businesses. She has also had the pleasure of personally administering over 20,000 IVs in the course of her career; witnessing the power of these therapies firsthand.

Now serving as the Director of Training for MedMasters, she has been educating doctors and nurses around the globe on ozone and ultraviolet blood irradiation and how the synergy between them not only addresses the root cause of many conditions; but how they can also be used in conjunction with many other IVs to get patients back to health. Kim also puts equal effort into developing courses and processes that give the physicians the tools they need to develop their businesses by creating treatment plans that work, patient education systems, patient evaluation methods, and team support.