Doug Rainey

Vine Medical Clinic

Doug Rainey is the Owner and CEO of Aesthetic Integrative Medicine (AIM), a national distributor and consultancy based in Northern California. AIM specializes in regenerative medicine therapies specific to Anti-Aging, Sports Orthopedics, and Integrative Pain Management. Doug earned a degree in Kinesiology at University of Maryland College Park with a focus on Athletic Training and Performance Enhancement. He began his career with the Sports Medicine division of Johnson&Johnson’s Depuy Mitek, followed by roles in Chronic Wound Care, Biologic Bone Grafting, and Plastic Surgery. This professional progression provided the foundation which ultimately resulted in the holistic integrative approach at the core of AIM.

Today, Doug’s efforts are channeled to extensively researching the array of suppliers and manufacturers serving the Regenerative Medicine arena in his quest to build the strongest portfolio of offerings for the Physician network. These solutions must have a proven track record of safety, efficacy and compliance. Once vetted and chosen for inclusion in the AIM product set, they are added to the online patient and physician portals for a deeper understanding of recommended use case scenarios.

The AIM Patient Education Portal provides an unbiased, direct introduction to the myriad of options available in the world of Regenerative Medicine. As an objective third-party, AIM can present information on these modalities that Physician offices legally cannot, helping them remain fully compliant while aiding potential recipients who wish to make fact-based decisions in their search to identify optimal next steps. The Physician Portal allows AIM Partners to access OEM’s third-party testing results, relevant clinical support, and protocols submitted by Physicians worldwide to promote a more uniform and replicable outcome profile across the industry.