Brett Earl, MD

Denali Performance Clinic

Dr. Earl is a Board Certified Emergency Physician with over 16 years of experience in Emergency Medicine and 11 years as a Functional Medicine Physician. He is currently the President and Founder of Denali Medical Center. He serves on the board of Nu-Med Plus, Nutritional Biologic Research (NBR) and is a lead scientific and research consultant for multiple companies. Dr. Earl enjoys a broad knowledge base from surgeries and prescriptives to supplements and energy work. He is the founder of Foundational Medicine and has been practicing Foundational Medicine for 6 years.

Dr. Earl has also served as a Life Flight Helicopter Physician and a Tactical Physician for the city of Toledo, Ohio SWAT team. Dr. Earl received his Medical Degree from the University of Nevada, Reno. His Western Medicine clinical interests include Trauma, Critical Care and Injections.

After practicing Emergency Medicine for 16 years, and noting both the benefits and limitations of traditional Western Medicine, he added the study and practice of Functional Medicine. Dr. Earl currently practices Foundational Medicine in Bountiful, Utah and focuses on restoring health, preventing illness, and avoiding prescriptions and surgeries wherever possible.

In his free time, Dr. Earl is constantly researching and developing new and innovative ways to improve patient care and outcomes. He has set up training programs and systems for providers ensuring they understand not only the science of the process but have the skills and ability to implement what they have learned.

He also enjoys serving as the Medical Director of his local EMS Ambulance Service. He serves in his local church and adores his loving wife and family. Dr. Earl lives on a farm and raises cattle, chickens, pigs and patience.